Report Viewer

A quick and easy access to all reports & briefs in the system in one central location from the Main Menu Bar within the console. It can also be accessed from any module list that has Reports or Briefs and any element in the system that can generate a Report or a Brief. The Reports are the appropriate combination of tables and charts that best illustrate the results.

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Business Functions Supported

Access Report Menu from central viewer or any part of the system

  • Standard Reports selected from a Menu / Tree
  • Menu broken down by Modules
  • Menu broken down by Reports and Briefs
  • Centralised access from Report Viewer
  • Access from any part of the system and Menu Bar

    Save and reload Reports Filters

  • Multiple filters relevant to each Report
  • User specific views of Reports
  • User specific views saved and visible via The Dashboard

    Export or Print Reports

  • Reports printed using all normal print controls
  • Individual Charts and Tables printed
  • Charts saved as an image for use in other mediums
  • Tables able to be copied and pasted to other files
  • Reports saved to pdf