Project Office

The ability to manage and align all projects from one central location. Each Plan Element has its own default timeline, brief and measures matrix for targets and budgets. These are continually updated as lessons are learned from the previously completed and reviewed Projects. Projects can be plan elements or independent development projects.

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Business Functions Supported

Easily create Project Templates that auto-create and assign Task lists

  • Multiple Project Templates created
  • Templates assigned to a Plan Element
  • Communications specific Templates
  • Tasks assigned a default duration and a responsibility
  • Templates able to amended once assigned to a plan element

    Efficiently manage multiple Project deadlines from a central location

  • Projects created from a template
  • New Projects create a task list
  • Projects spanning multiple product and segments

    Clearly view progress of, and manage, personal and project tasks to completion

  • My Tasks viewed from the Projects Overview Page
  • My Tasks saved as a Dashlet to The Dashboard
  • Tasks marked as complete; Task is stuck through
  • Dates, durations, progress, responsibilities and priorities reallocated

    Simply rebuild Project Timelines for changes to key tasks or milestones

  • Tasks or milestones selected to act as an anchor
  • Timelines rebuilt with the click of a button
  • Timelines previous and future tasks rebuilt from the date selected