Market Leader

A powerful and intuitive tool to help companies align their people and processes to the needs of the market. Using Customer Value and NPS research methodologies along with a Social Media Monitor, Market Leader provides easy to read charts and tables to show any organisations perceived and actual position in the market relative to their competition.

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Business Functions Supported

Align key attributes of customer satisfaction and perceived customer value to business drivers and processes

  • Attributes customers believe are important captured
  • Importance weightings associated to the attributes
  • Attributes allocated to measures of Product Quality, Service Quality or Price
  • Each of the attributes assigned to an area of the business most likely to affect its performance

    Analyse research data using dynamic modelling and reporting

  • Research data loaded electronically
  • Scores filtered by product, segment and channel combinations
  • Scores filtered by time series
  • Customer Value Ratios calculated
  • Single line items, NPS and WWPF, calculated

    Simulate views in real time of the impact on the market of change in weighting or score of core attributes

  • Series selected for forecasting
  • Results required able to be amended
  • Impacts of alterations tested
  • New levels of performance saved as a campaign target

    Measure and report on customer perceptions of products, service and brands relative to competitors

  • Standard Reports selected from a menu / tree
  • Market Performance Reports
  • Customer Value Reports
  • Comparative Reports
  • User specific views saved and visible via The Dashboard
    Social Media Monitoring
  • Search for any marketing phrase - eg a Company, Competitor, Brand or Product name
  • Each Social Mention is automatically marked as a "Positive, Neutral and Negative" sentiment

    Customer Advocacy analysis and NPS Support

  • Survey can be completed through multiple channels, including: In store, kiosk, online, hard copy response or
    by a call centre
  • Accurately track, measure and report on customer perceptions of products, service and brands by channel or individual