Digital Library

A tool used to centrally store organisations digital assets and associate them with any part of the system. It can store any type of file - from TVC's, radio scripts, copies of print layouts, web files, data files, documents and more. Files can be associated, uploaded and downloaded from the Digital Library and selected and accessed from the associated elements.

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Centrally store all company files, images and recordings

  • Any file type stored
  • Files loaded centrally or from a Plan Element
  • Files located from any online location
  • Files automatically allocated the Plan Element tag if added from that location
  • Files automatically allocated the file type (i.e. Video)
  • Files automatically allocated File Name, can be altered
  • Files able to be assigned a code and description
  • Files automatically allocated "version 1"
  • Files allocated a new version when reloaded

    Associate files to multiple reference points

  • Each file with multiple indicator tags
  • Each version of the file with any Plan Element
  • Each version of the file with Market Indicators

    Use powerful filters to search for and view files

  • Filtered selection using tags and file logistics
  • Filtered selection using Plan Elements and Market Indicators
  • Filtered selection using key Phrase
  • Thumbnail views for images and down load selection

    Control access to digital assets

  • Controlled access based on teams and business units
  • Controlled access based on role
  • An Audit Log of all changes to the content of the system