The Dashboard

A central navigation point, to the most valuable information, relevant to each specific user and presented in a series of Dashlets. The Dashboard can hold full websites, full reports, summarised reports and personal activity lists. It is the first, and for some the only stop before navigating to investigate identified exceptions.

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Business Functions Supported

Easily create personalised views for each user on the desktop:

  • Multiple dashboards using a Tab interface
  • Drag and drop placement of Dashlets
  • Personalised action lists - My Tasks, My Activities, My Opportunities

Introduce frequently used external sources to my home page portal:

  • Separate Tabs per source
  • Access to favourite websites and RSS feeds

Centrally view & access relevant summarised information:

  • Full Reports filtered and saved to users own view
  • Full Calendars filtered and saved to users own view
  • Charts summarised as dashlets and saved to users own view
  • Multiple dashlets per dashboard

Rapidly navigate to other parts of the system from reports and calendars:

  • Links to all information sources
  • Presentation of full Report

Share summarised information with Senior Management

Shows exceptions to plans with easy access to the data source