Customer Manager

A comprehensive database of all Companies, Company Contacts and Individuals. A single repository for the information known about how to contact them, their buying behaviour, campaign participation and personal profile. Each client can be viewed by previous and planned communication, opportunities they present and to which market segments they fit.

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Business Functions Supported

Accurately manage the capture and maintenance of Contacts and Company data

  • Company, Contact at Company and Individual entity types
  • Full support for B2B or B2C environments -- or both within the same tool
  • Entities assigned to different teams and account managers
  • Different profile flags relative to entity types
  • Relationships created between individual and organisations
  • Multiple address formats and locations for an organisation
  • Part word search capability

    Efficiently schedule and recall activity plans, reminders and history

  • Schedule advance activities; Include other users
  • Full diary history -- Meeting, Phone Call, Email, SMS, Notes, Responses
  • Participation in marketing communications and events captured
  • User specific views of activities saved and visible via The Dashboard

    Easily develop and manage the dispatch of simple and complex administrative and promotional email

  • Access to email templates
  • Personalisation of templates
  • Access to images and inserts from the Digital Library
  • Outcomes reported for opens, clicks, un-subscribes, bounces

    Dynamically segment and filter customers from all customer data

  • Structured exploration of customers groups
  • Segments created based on marketing activity, profile information, sales and account data or system activity
  • Filters created from multiple segments or by combining segments and customer data
  • Segments created for specific campaigns
  • Segments created at a point-in-time or for changes
  • Users segments hidden from other users
  • All segment criteria saved and retained for future use

    Effectively manage Sales Opportunities and Pipeline through to conversion

  • Sales opportunities created from the main menu, company or contact screens
  • Opportunities and expected value assigned to an individual customer
  • All opportunities for a company viewed together
  • The likelihood of success and % weighting assigned to an opportunity
  • Stage in Sales Cycle & Expected time frame identified for each opportunity

    Accurately track, measure and report customer sales, opportunities and responses

  • Standard Reports selected from a menu / tree
  • Tabular and graphical display of information
  • Sales Funnel, Opportunities, Response and Segment Reports
  • User specific views saved and visible via The Dashboard