Campaign Manager

A powerful yet intuitive toolset for Marketers to plan, align, implement and measure efficient and effective campaigns, fully supporting and encouraging end-to-end marketing. Campaign Manager has a two tier structure with a task list, briefing template and measures grid specific to all communications types. It looks and works the way marketers do.

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Business Functions Supported

Centrally create and manage Campaigns and Communications activity

  • Each Plan created from the level above
  • Budgets allocated to specific planned activities
  • Responsibilities assigned to individuals
  • Time lines managed with estimates for each activity or task from a quick start template
  • Visible status for plans and activities
  • Plan contents detailed in Free Text blocks
  • Files, images, recordings and research documents attached to any plan elements

    Align Campaigns to Strategies and Initiatives.

  • Campaigns created from initiatives or assigned when created
  • Campaigns visibly connected to Initiatives on the Marketing Navigator

    Develop comprehensive Agency Briefs clearly aligning objectives to supplier expenses

  • Consistent objectives from a quick start template
  • Budgets assigned from Initiatives and reassigned to expenditure types
  • Targets set for same period as budgets
  • Costs & Suppliers assigned to Campaigns and Communications
  • Agency Briefs produced from compiled information and Responses captured within the system
  • Communications specific Briefs produced

    Efficiently manage communications with tasks, measures, templates, prompts and business rules

  • Different Plan Template, Task List and Measure Template for each Communications type
  • Prompts and rules for approvals
  • Efficiently manage the build and dispatch of email and SMS communications from the system

    Efficiently manage the direct build and despatch of email and SMS communications

  • Communications and target audiences defined
  • The Email and SMS message built within the system
  • Results viewed as Comms messages or reports and automatically rolled up to the aligned Campaign

    Easily view timing & status of, and navigate to, all marketing activity from a central calendar

  • All Initiatives, Campaigns and Communications visible
  • Filtered views for individual users by product, segment and communications type
  • User specific views saved and visible via The Dashboard

    Accurately track, measure & report performance of Communications Targets & Budgets

  • Standard Reports and Briefs selected from a menu / tree
  • Tabular and graphical display of information
  • View and compare Campaign Performance, Budget Performance & Response Reports
  • Learning's retained to reflect cause and effect