Business Planner

Organise your marketing efforts by producing a consistent view of all plans, visibly aligning all elements to easily manage multiple activities, setting targets then measuring results and learning from them. The Business Planner incorporates strong budget management alongside measuring targets for impacting both attitude and behavior.

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Business Functions Supported

Centrally develop related Annual Plans, Strategies and Initiatives

  • Each Plan created from the level above
  • Budgets allocated to specific planned activities
  • Responsibilities assigned to individuals
  • Time frames estimated for each activity or task
  • Visible status for plans and activities
  • Plan contents detailed in Free Text blocks
  • Timelines managed for the development of a plan
  • Files, images, recordings and research documents attached to any plan elements

    Efficiently manage the workflow of planning with tasks, measures, templates, prompts and business rules

  • Different Plan, Task List & Measures Template for each Plan type
  • Prompts and rules for approvals

    Easily navigate to all marketing plans and activities from a central viewer

  • A hierarchy of plan elements in an Organisation Chart structure
  • The ability to switch between views of Annual Plans
  • The ability to switch between horizontal and vertical views of Communications
  • The ability to condense blocks of communications
  • Links through to set-up screens for each plan

    Accurately set aligned and rationalised targets and budgets across all elements of the plans

  • Targets created for customer behaviour and attitudes
  • Gaps and exceptions in targets and budgets highlighted
  • Total budgets and measures of behaviour rolled down to the tiers below
  • Results and actual expenditure rolled up
  • Rules for the consistent use of formulas and modelling outcomes
  • Auto-calculations refreshed when new information entered

    Accurately track, measure and report the performance of Business Goals and Budgets as well as the status of activity

  • A selection of standard Reports and Briefs from menu / tree
  • Plans produced as briefs for circulation and approval