Media Tracking

Manage and monitor your campaigns from budget to evaluation. Measure the impact of advertising, gather response data and prove marketing's worth through accurate and real-time reporting.

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Media Tracking

This solution utilises the Media Results Tracking capability within m-savvy to measure the effectiveness of specific Media Placement and Spend. Ongoing higher returns on marketing investment are generated through smarter media selection decisions being made by analysing the results produced from an automated process of creating campaigns and communications through to matching and processing actual performance.

Business Functions Supported

  • The automated loading of scheduled and actual Media Placement data
  • The ability to schedule and manage a wide range of Media - TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Online
  • The automated loading of results from call centre and online responses
  • The automated matching of responses to Spots
  • The ability to manually add or amend responses
  • Provides multi level reporting
  • Distribution of responses
  • Campaign/Comms /Spot activity
  • Response/Conversion/ROI results