Marketing Calendar

Improve business collaboration through a clear and complete view of an organisations marketing efforts, past, present and future. Easily align communications and resources to control marketing from one robust location. 

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Controlled, Flexible Marketing Management

The marketing calendar gives central control to the user to manage and explore marketing's potential. The solution within m-savvy is an all-round planning tool used to manage & navigate planned and active marketing communications. It allows high level views of comms that are in market as well as scheduled to be launched. C-suite and online users can drill down to details of programs, individual campaigns and communications and easily monitor results.

Business Functions Supported

  • Dynamically interact with plan elements from one centralized location
  • Easily demonstrate and share marketing efforts, planned and undertaken
  • Visually align communications and resources for maximum efficiency
  • Create edit, send and approve campaigns from a single screen
  • Control user access to parts of the calendar 
  • Isolate marketing by segment, channel and product to see associated communications
  • Easily see and react to gaps and overflows of communications to segments, channels and products