Marketing Automation

A simple to use yet extraordinarily powerful tool to enable organisations to efficiently engage with their customers. Fully automated processes managed on the desktop by a series of rules created centrally to govern all contacts or for each campaign to develop waves of related and dependent communications. A solution to make the CEO, CFO and CMO all happy.

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Business Functions Supported

  • Automated customer contact programmes driven by the approved marketing plan
  • A powerful segmentation engine for marketers to select target audiences, including control groups and seeds
  • Automation rules developed on the desktop either centrally or on a campaign basis
  • Contact and relationship rules that manage the recency and frequency of communications
  • Channel specific communications, with personalised offers generated directly from m-savvy or provided to partners
  • Multi-wave communications to reflect previous as well as new customer behaviour and attitudes
  • Leads linked directly to front line staff that recognize the right time to contact the right person with the right offer
  • Real time analytics with which to monitor and adjust current and future campaigns.


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