Email Marketing

Engage your audience and improve the effectiveness of communications by using m-savvy's flexible email module, and learn from real-time reporting to gain better results.

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Within m-savvy is a comprehensive Email Marketing solution that allows manual, scheduled and triggered communications to customers and prospects. It is fully integrated with all other parts of the m-savvy system so as to plan, track, measure and respond with relevance to the impact of your marketing efforts.

Create Dispatch and Manage


  • Marketing and Operational Emails
  • Switchable Templates from drop down list
  • Templates locked down with "Editable Regions" exposed for editing content
  • Conditional content based on profile data
  • Full Personalisation and Mail-Merge functionality in content and subject line
  • Content approval process with comments
  • Schedule to run on a specific date / time.
  • Schedule to run X time AFTER form response
  • Trigger for specific contacts or form respondee


  • Bulk Emails to Individual contacts or segments
  • Link to Campaigns and Comms Module
  • Integrate with Digital Library for Images
  • Attach Files
  • Auto update Contacts activity history
  • Integrate with Microsites, Forms, Surveys and Competitions


  • Quick and intuitive interface familiar to everyday users 
  • Full WYSIWYG editing
  • Supports Plain Text and full HTML 
  • Multipart support to optimise format for end-user software preferences
  • Full Template and HTML Source Code editing
  • Real-time tracking of Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes and Bounces
  • Powerful Real-time Reports 
  • Send tests to Contacts or Groups
  • Group Audiences by Unique Email Address, First Name/Email Address
  • Resend email with automatic exclusion of contacts already sent
  • Conditionally view Email online
  • Full Permissions support around Testing, Live Send, Content editing
  • Subscription list management with full or partial unsubscribe