Customer Advocacy

Improve business processes and results through the gathering and interpreting of customer feedback and survey responses. Make informed decisions based on real-time, intuitive customer advocacy reporting.

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Capture and interpret customer feedback through intuitive surveys

Simple yet powerful metric that raises advocacy within key markets resulting in improved employee performance. Integrated surveys completed through multiple channels capture, track, measure and report on consumer response in a real time graphic display. This effective, dynamic tool provides essential customer feedback for individual performance analysis and measurement.

Business Functions Supported

  • A simple, easy to navigate response form is constructed using the m-savvy Surveys and Questionnaires module.
  • Survey can be completed through multiple channels, including: In store, kiosk, online, hard copy response or by a call centre.
  • Accurately track, measure and report on customer perceptions of products, service and brands by channel or individual
  • Integrate Surveys with full m-savvy functions 
  • Save results as target campaigns
  • Display results in a easy to understand graphical format within a central navigation point