Our Customers

"Our customers are inspirational leaders from the global market place. These are the people who inspire us to do great things." 

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Our Customers

We are charged with providing valuable, integrated and timeless marketing solutions for our customers so they can focus on what is important to their business. Our broad range of solutions are designed with the future in mind, some still in place and untouched from the 90's! Our customers rely on us, and with good reason. We revel in the fact our customers trust us with their customer data and marketing processes and we pride ourselves on being experts in database marketing. They can rely on us because we have a 30 year old foot hold in the market and we have a strong hold of our competencies.

We demonstrate expertise in Marketing Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Customer Advocacy and an extensive reporting suite. While we cater to all these, we customise solutions so our customers have everything they want and nothing they don't.

Our Customers are in the following industries

- Advertising and Communications
- Banking
- Entertainment
- Travel
- Accomodation
- Finance and Insurance
- Freight and Communication Services
- Central & Local Government
- Motor Vehicle
- Oil
- Publishing & Education
- Wholesale & Retail