About m-savvy

m-savvy has a modular design which allows personalisation to each customer's specific needs. This means you can turn on the 100s of different components of the system to give you the solution that you want and need without any of the things you don't.

This Marketing Database and Analytical tool aims to save you time and money. It does this by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing with collaborative processes and high visibility across all business functions. It is used to investigate, plan, implement and measure the impact of the investment of marketing's human and financial resources to gain the maximum benefit.

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Decision makers accountable for the value to be gained from the investment of financial and human resources, utilise m-savvy's uniquely integrated processes to plan, manage and measure the impact of their end-to-end customer and marketing activity. By leveraging a combination of all available data sources and using the latest technologies m-savvy supports all sales, marketing and media channels, to enable more informed decisions from the simple navigation of derived, retained and shared marketing intelligence.

m-savvy delivers the desired results, achieved within the finite budget available, visibly managed with just one tool configured to meet the users precise needs. Available anytime, anywhere m-savvy uses the latest technologies to provide centralised access to all business tools via a powerful yet intuitive system.